The Woman Behind the Books

Among family and close friends F. Y. Dawn is known as a gifted writer. She began writing short stories and poems in middle school and once others discovered her hidden talent she was frequently called upon to write poems for church, weddings, birthdays, and other special occasion. Although none were published she has a collection of notebooks filled with writings that only those closest to her get to enjoy.


Writing is her passion, but it took a back seat when at the age of 20 she married and began a family. Her husband and children became her main priority. While others couldve had the family and a successful writing career Dawn didn’t want her two loves to compete. She chose to devote her energy to her family. She nurtured a strong loving marriage and everlasting bond with her children. With two sons she managed to stay busy with soccer, t-ball, basketball, and football games and enjoyed every minute of it.


In 2010 F. Y. Dawn decided it was time. It was time to cultivate her love for writing. She pulled out her laptop and dove in never looking back. Completing her first novel, Serenity of Passion, brought so much joy and sense of fulfillment that she was determined to continue. What Love Feels Like and What the Heart Wants followed just a few short years later. She has quickly become known as an author that draws the reader into the story, making them feel as though the characters are a part of their lives. Her writing style and ability to craft an engaging tale has been compared to the extraordinary Alice Walker.


Dawn resides in sunny San Diego, Ca with her husband and children where she continues to write. Through her blessed life and beautiful city she calls home she draws inspiration, often highlighting the city and real events in her novels. Her motto is Creating life one word at a time. Word by word she constructs a world and breathes life into. She is truly a treasure for readers and is grateful for everyone who takes the time to read her books.